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Dear Lad,

I admire you for your patience and understanding. The girl must be really special for you and you choose to take a step that won’t give you assurance of everything. You’ve chosen to wait for something that might not even happen. It’s unclear and you’re still there, clinging to the…


whenever someone tells me “it’s your fault i ship this” my heart swells with pride and purpose

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Underwater sculpture, in Grenada, in honor of our African ancestors thrown overboard.

I couldnt not reblog this, it’s so powerful to me.

oh my god.
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Lord, please let him stay in my life.


sometimes i think i’m arrogant but then i remember that julius caesar was kidnapped by sicilian pirates and when they demanded a ransom of 620 kgs of silver he got mad because he thought he was worth more than that and made them raise it to 1550 kg

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